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Installation Services

At A Vacuuum our installers are trained, experienced and ready to help you with any type of Central Vacuum installation.  From the rough-in stage to Ready to Vacuum stage. 


Whether you are looking for:

  • Standard Central Vacuum inlets
  • Super Valve
  • Retraflex Retractable Hose system


We are here and ready to help.


On site Estimate are free with no obligations, just give us a call, email or stop by to schedule in your appointment.


What is Central Vacuum Roughed-in? 


A roughed in-home installation means that the home builder has already installed pipping throughout the home, but you do not have a central vacuum unit installed. The next step is to finalize the installation, have all the pipe drops connected into one pipe / connection and have it hooked up to the  Central Vacuum Canister unit which will be hung on the wall ( most common in the utility room or the garage)

 Inlet Valves /covers installed, and Vacuum exhaust Vented outside for the maximum benefit of creating the best air quality in your home.


This type of installation job normally takes a few hours depending on the size of home and how many outlets there are.


Can a Central Vacuum be installed in an Existing Home With No Rough-in?


Yes! Even if you don’t have Central Vacuum pipes roughed in we can still install a central vacuum system into your home! Sometimes depending on the age, size of home, and basement finish this can be a challenging task. But not to worry our Installers are very experienced with roughing in existing homes and take the time to go over the process with the homeowners to make sure the job can be completed properly before even starting, another reason we offer Free in-Home Estimates.


New Home Construction 


Whether  you are a Home Builder, Renovation Company or Building a home on your own let A Vacuum Store help take care of the Central Vacuum from start to finish.


Our installers will take the time to go over installation details with you and discuss specifics such as vacuum outlet locations and special features like installing VacPans under  the kitchen sink, bathrooms,  or mudroom.

Other options such as the Retraflex Retractable hose system which retracts into the same piping network used by your central vacuum, not taking any added space within the wall, each Retraflex outlet can be fitted with a 30’ to 60’ hose length depending on the length of installation and space available. Once installed all you need to do is pull out the length of hose you need at the time, pull the handle to lock the hose and start the unit and start Vacuuming!

We also offer and install additional and always useful add-ons to your central vacuum installation such as the Vroom System, Wally Flex, ect.

These days there are so many possibilities to customize your Central Vacuum installation and truly making it work best for your home and cleaning needs.


Central Vacuum Hang & Hook up


If you are just looking to replace your old Central Vacuum unit our installers can remove your old unit and install a new one in the existing location and even take away the old Canister and dispose of it for you.


  • "Fantastic service. I tried to install a central vacuum myself, but realized that I needed help. The owner came to my house the day after I contacted them. Installed everything quickly. Spent time with me after showing me how to use the different parts, and how to avoid breaking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Leslie

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