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Garage Kit 30ft Hose & Tool set - for Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Garage Kit with 30' Hose

Explore our Central Vacuum Garage Kit with a 30-foot hose, an essential addition to your car and garage care routine. This comprehensive kit is designed to help you maintain a spotless automotive space and a well-organized garage.
Garage attachment kit

Key Features:

  • 30-Foot Crushproof Hose: The kit includes a straight air 30-foot crushproof hose with a handle that offers a 360° rotation. This prevents kinks and ensures ease of use, allowing you to reach every corner effortlessly.

  • Combo Brush: The combo brush included in the kit is ideal for all types of surfaces. Whether you're cleaning your car interior or garage floor, this versatile tool has you covered.

  • Dusting Brush with Horsehair: Say goodbye to dust and dirt embedded on your car's dashboard or workbench. The dusting brush with horsehair provides effective and gentle cleaning, leaving surfaces spotless.

  • Crevice Tool: Tackling hard-to-reach places in your car or garage is a breeze with the included crevice tool. It ensures that no nook or cranny goes uncleaned.

  • Convenient Storage Bag: Keep your tools organized and within reach with the included storage bag. No more searching for misplaced accessories; everything is neatly stored and ready for use.

  • Hose Hanger: Fast and easy storage is made possible with the hose hanger, ensuring that your kit stays tidy and accessible when you need it.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Central Vacuum Garage Kit. Whether you're a car enthusiast or simply looking to keep your garage and automotive space in top condition, this kit is a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal. Make car and garage care a breeze with the right tools at your disposal.


  • "Fantastic service. I tried to install a central vacuum myself, but realized that I needed help. The owner came to my house the day after I contacted them. Installed everything quickly. Spent time with me after showing me how to use the different parts, and how to avoid breaking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Leslie

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