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Low Voltage Kit 35' Hose & Wessel Air Nozzle

Low Voltage Kit 35' Hose & Wessel Air Nozzle

Introducing our Comprehensive 35-Foot 24-Volt Central Vacuum Attachment Kit, a versatile solution for efficient and thorough cleaning. This kit offers a selection of essential tools and includes a convenient on/off switch. Please be aware that this kit does not come with an electric powerhead or electric hose.
Low Voltage Kit 35' Hose & Wessel Air Nozzle


  • 35-Foot Low Voltage Hose with On/Off Switch: This 35-foot hose ensures extended reach and is equipped with an on/off switch for added convenience during cleaning.

  • Wessel Werk Air Driven Turbo Brush - TK284: The air-driven turbine carpet brush, TK284, is designed for efficient carpet cleaning and operates solely on the suction of your central vacuum.

  • Telescopic Steel Wand: The telescopic steel wand provides extra reach and flexibility, making it easier to access high and low spaces.

  • Hard Floor Brush: Our hard floor brush is tailored for hard floor surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning while protecting your floors.

  • Dust Brush: The round dust brush is ideal for precise dusting, enabling you to remove dust and debris from a variety of surfaces.

  • Crevice Tool: Easily reach and clean tight spaces with the versatile crevice tool, ensuring comprehensive cleaning in even the hardest-to-reach areas.

  • Upholstery Brush: This brush is specifically designed for upholstery and fabric cleaning, ensuring effective cleaning without compromising quality.

  • Hose Hanger: Keep your cleaning components organized and within easy reach with the included hose hanger, maintaining a tidy cleaning space.

  • Tool Clip: The tool clip adds convenience to your cleaning routine by keeping your tools readily accessible.

Please note that this package does not include an electric powerhead or an electric hose. The hose does not have an electrical cord to power an electric motor powerhead. The included air-driven turbine carpet brush operates solely on the suction of your central vacuum. If you require an electric powerhead and electric hose for cleaning extensive carpeted areas, please explore our Attachment kits with Electric Hose and Electric Powerhead for a suitable solution.


  • "Fantastic service. I tried to install a central vacuum myself, but realized that I needed help. The owner came to my house the day after I contacted them. Installed everything quickly. Spent time with me after showing me how to use the different parts, and how to avoid breaking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Leslie

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