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12" Electrostatic Filter for Split Canister Cyclonic Units

Lift the lid of the dirt canister to clean and replace.  The electrostatic screen can easily be cleaned by vacuuming, rinsing with water, or shaking. It can be used time and time again. Never put wet filter in dirt canister.

1: To remove the ELECTRO-STATIC Screen 
Remove the lid from the canister, then lift the screen up over the stand pipe.

2: To Clean:
The ELECTRO-STATIC Screen can best be cleaned by vacuuming or shaking it clean.

3: To replace the ELECTRO-STATIC Screen 
Place the screen over the standpipe, square mesh facing up – push down to ensure it seats on the metal screen. Replace the lid and operate normally.


  • "Fantastic service. I tried to install a central vacuum myself, but realized that I needed help. The owner came to my house the day after I contacted them. Installed everything quickly. Spent time with me after showing me how to use the different parts, and how to avoid breaking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Leslie

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