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CLEAN + GREEN DeSkunk Coat Cleaner + Odor Remover, 14 oz


Purified water, cane sugar, proprietary non-GMO botanical blend and hydrated cellulose


Skunked pet or people, and other surfaces infected with the skunk smell.


Skunk spray (which is skunk oil)


Important! Align nozzle face to black dot on the lip of the can when you first use the product and leave the nozzle in this position until the can is completely exhausted. (We use a natural propellant, nitrogen which is more sensitive than hydro-carbon propellants.  Following this important direction, will ensure that you can spray out all of the liquid in the can.)

  1. DO NOT shampoo, rinse or wet down your pet or human before using a de-skunking solution!  This just spreads the oil so you have more area to de-skunk.
  2. Spray directly on the area that has the skunk oil with Clean+Green DeSkunk Coat Cleaner, and rub in thoroughly.  Let it dry.
  3. DO NOT spray the face if it has been sprayed.  Instead, spray Clean+Green on a clean cloth and gently cleanse sensitive areas around the ears, nose and mouth.
  4. Check to see if the odor is completely gone. If not, there is skunk spray you missed so repeat.


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