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Fresh Wave Super Size Crystal Gel 63oz

Odor Removing Gel Refill, 63 oz.

As it evaporates, Fresh Wave Gel completely removes odors using safer, natural ingredients – no harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Pour the powerful Gel into the Fresh Wave 7 oz. or 15 oz. Gel containers and place where odors are strongest. Use the Gel in the container to refill your Fresh Wave 15 oz. Gel containers every 30-60 days or 7 oz. gel containers every 15-30 days.

    • Half Gallon Gel Refills
    • Refills 7 oz. Gel up to 9 times
    • Refills 15 oz. Gel up to 4 times

Fresh Wave Gel uses the power of plants to find and eliminate bad odor molecules. As Gel disappears, so do nasty smells.


1. Twist open Refill lid and remove seal

2. Remove lid from empty Fresh Wave Gel container

3. Pour Gel into empty Fresh Wave 7 oz. or 15 oz. Gel container

4. Replace lid on Refill container and store

5. Place Gel container where odors are strongest


  • "Fantastic service. I tried to install a central vacuum myself, but realized that I needed help. The owner came to my house the day after I contacted them. Installed everything quickly. Spent time with me after showing me how to use the different parts, and how to avoid breaking them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." - Leslie

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